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This website is committed to ensure the accessibility of its contents to all citizens to comply with the provisions of the Law Society Services and Electronic Business Information. Therefore, the development of its pages has been made following the accessibility guidelines to content provided by the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), an institution created by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), to inform, investigate and promote the work in web accesibility.
The WAI has defined three levels of accessibility: "A", double "A" and triple "A", reaching every level to comply with the relevant guidelines or principles.
In the case of this website is targeted to meet the level "AA" accessibility and to ensure these levels of compliance with accessibility criteria, it has made the relevant checks on the program pages TAW ( Web Accessibility Test).
Some of the features implemented to improve accessibility include:

  • Clear structure of pages, defining headings, lists elements of understanding, etc. which makes easier access to content with screen readers.
  • The code used is consistent with the formal grammar for correct interpretation and display content in different browsers.
  • Text fonts defined with relative units, allowing the user ampia or decrease the size of the same from browser options. Moreover, both types of source and the same colors, background colors, etc. have been defined using style sheets (CSS) so that the user can define their visual preferences.