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The Radiology Department is located on the ground floor, with direct access from Reception and from A&E.

The Department is equipped with all the latest technology and the whole department has been fully digitalised in terms of both imaging and the connections between the different pieces of equipment. It has the newest image processing and radiological information systems (PACS), allowing us to handle and store all the information, which benefits the patient, as his/her medical record and previous examinations are also stored on the system.

It is also integrated into an interdisciplinary system with all the departments and wards, the ICU, A&E, etc., so that scans and their corresponding reports can be transferred immediately without any room for errors.


The department's technical equipment consists of latest-generation digital systems: 

►Digital radiology equipment

Kodak DR digital imaging equipment that makes it possible to obtain the best quality image with the lowest possible radiation.

►Procedure room

Multi-purpose room with Siemens Multi-purpose equipment that can be used for all kinds of dynamic studies (e.g. intestinal transit, opaque enema, hysterosalpingography, etc.) and to perform vascular and non-vascular interventions for diagnosis and treatment (stent placement, nephrostomies, tumour ablation, etc.).

►Digital mammography system

This achieves better images with the least possible radiation, making it possible to study the galactophorus duct after injecting contrast material (galactography) or allowing pre-surgical lesion marking with a stereotactic-guided hook-wire.

►MRI scanner

Siemens 1.5 Tesla equipment, with a power that allows us to perform any study of the human body with a precise image in the shortest possible time, which is fundamental considering the patient's discomfort as a result of having to remain completely still. Moreover, its central opening is one of the largest on the market, which reduces the feeling of claustrophobia for the patient. In extreme cases the collaboration of anaesthetists (paediatric and adult) is called for to perform the test under sedation.

►CT scanner

Siemens helical scanner that enables us to perform complete studies with a breath-hold of just 20 seconds and with the least possible radiation, making it suitable for any type of patient.

►Ultrasound machines

We have 2 pieces of equipment (Toshiba and GE Voluson), which allow us to cover all fields. Their high image quality enables us to make a precise diagnosis, which is necessary in the case of obstetric 4-dimensional ultrasound scans (4-D US) to ensure good visualisation of the foetus inside the uterus. They also make it possible to perform almost all precise ultrasound-guided biopsies and/or punctures for diagnostic anatomical pathology.

►Dental radiology equipment

ORTHOPHOS PLUS CEPH equipment that produces clear images (orthopantomography and teleradiology) for the diagnosis and/or treatment of diseases, planning of orthodontics, preimplant assessment (with the aid of BTI-scan to display CT scan).

►Densitometer equipment

All this would not be possible without our great STAFF consisting of Assistants, Administrative Staff, Radiology Technicians, Qualified Nursing Assistants and Radiologists with expertise in different fields of Radiology. All the members of the department are essential for performing the test correctly, issuing a diagnosis and providing treatments. They are entirely at your disposal during the morning and afternoon shift to offer you assistance and answer any questions you might have.

The Department provides emergency care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.