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The Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery Department, Traumavist, was established with the clear objective of
gradually becoming a leading centre in the whole province in traumatology and orthopaedic surgery. We therefore aim to offer the highest quality comprehensive care for all musculoskeletal disorders, with a full medical staff covering all fields of this speciality. 

  • Our more specific objectives include:
  • Treating musculoskeletal disorders from an all-round point of view, combining traumatology with the perspective of other specialities.
  • Developing and strengthening a major surgery unit for outpatients where most surgical interventions can be performed, trying to clearly reduce the need for hospitalisation.
  • Performing and developing the latest surgical techniques in this speciality, particularly using so-called minimally invasive techniques. Particular emphasis on arthroscopic surgery of any of the joints.
  • Covering all specific areas of musculoskeletal disorders, with various different specialists with proven experience in each field.
  • Offering patients the highest possible care, with shorter hospital stays and greater patient comfort and satisfaction.  

The department is situated on the first floor of Clínica Vistahermosa, in an area newly created specifically for traumatology.
Every morning and the afternoon from Monday to Friday there are traumatologists in the different consulting rooms, so there is no delay in appointments and we are flexible in adapting to our patients' schedules.

Emergencies are covered by a traumatologist 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Hip unit
  • Knee unit
  • Upper extremity unit (shoulder, elbow and hand)
  • Spinal unit
  • Ankle and foot unit
  • Paediatric traumatology
  • Arthrosis and osteoporosis unit
  • Tumour unit
  • Chiropody
Where to find us

►Consulting rooms in Clínica Vistahermosa

The outpatient department is situated on the first floor of Clínica Vistahermosa, next to the surgical department, which allows us to perform elective surgery or emergency surgery according to the patient's condition.

Traumatology consultations five days a week with a long morning and afternoon timetable.

VISTAHERMOSA TRAUMATOLOGY. Avda. Denia, 103. Clínica Vistahermosa. Alicante.

Tel. 965235108 - Fax: 965235108.

►Consulting rooms in Alicante

Afternoon appointments from Monday to Thursday.
VISTAHERMOSA TRAUMATOLOGY ALICANTE. Avda de Alfonso el Sabio Nº 27 1º F. Alicante 03001. Tel. 965 20 41 36 – Fax: 965 20 41 36

►Consulting rooms in Elche

Vistahermosa Traumatology Elche provides a Traumatology consulting service that covers all traumatological conditions thanks to its specialised medical team.

Morning and afternoon appointments from Monday to Friday.


Tel.: 965 466011

►Consulting rooms in Ibi

In an effort to improve and bring its patients specialised care, the department offers its diagnostic and treatment services at VISTAHERMOSA TRAUMATOLOGY IBI, consulting rooms in the centre of Ibi with a specialist in Traumatology and orthopaedic surgery, who work in coordination with Clínica Vistahermosa's Traumatology Department.